Victoria Gawler

Creative Director

Looking for interior design on a budget? No worries! Victoria can turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse! 

Rinni + Pearl is proudly owned by Victoria, and was born after a lifelong love affair with beautiful tactile fabrics, cushions, throws and, well, anything that lifts your spirits and makes you smile. Named after Victoria’s two beautiful daughters, Rinni + Pearl is a true family business. “We believe in quality design, and showcasing who you are, inside your home.”

Victoria has been in the decorating industry for over 30 years and is an expert in soft furnishings. Her love for design has evolved over the years with a no-restrictions attitude.

For example, Victoria used to work with an event management company. Her job was to design and set up back rooms of concert venues to meet the brief of bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Joe Cocker and many more. These back rooms were mostly nothing more than old toilet blocks and locker rooms and since there usually wasn’t really any budget, Victoria had to work with whatever was on hand. “I had to gaffer fabric to walls to make the place a home for the night.”, Victoria explains. “But the bands all loved it!”

Victoria is happy to use anything at hand to make things look beautiful, and she doesn’t believe that you need stacks of money to make an impact. “Interior design on a budget is perfectly possible!”, she says. “Why not use that fabulous piece of fabric that has been sitting in the back of the linen press? It could look fabulous over a chair or table!”

With passion, focus, vision, and an innate understanding of home-style, Victoria brings beauty and lovely aesthetics into any space she sets her eyes and intention on. She’s not one to follow the current fashions, preferring instead to follow her heart and create a very own look.

“I love to mix-and-match one-of-a-kind finds with more approachable pieces. Add in some timeless treasures and we end up with a home that tells your story.”

Create a home you love, no matter your budget!

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